What to do when .dll files error under Win 10 with AMD CPUs.
Just remove gsdx32-avx2.dll out of the Plugins folder of the PCSX2 installation. 

Trying to play my original PS2 Front Mission 4 disc in the emulator gave me the "some kind of plugin error", and I had to force quit so I could relaunch the program. Version 1.4.0 is smart enough to detect my CPU's features, but it still gets stuck when the avx2.dll is in the folder.

Having removed the dll from the folder, it runs, albeit with the flickering open video, and struggling to produce a good framerate when the scene is too loaded with polys. Guess what though? GSDX in DirectX 11 mode fixed itself when I checked "Allow 8-Bit Textures". The tooltip explaining how it actually affected performance was very useful.

Now Front Mission 4 runs at a smooth 60fps at all times, regardless of onscreen clutter. Thank you to whomever wrote that tooltip! Also, to fix shadow rendering, in the GSDX panel, check "Enable HW Hacks" and then check "Alpha" in the "Hacks Configuration" page.

Why I think this works:
My CPU is an AMD FX 6300 with relatively weak single threaded performance
My GPU is a MSI R7 370 Twin Frozr with fantastic single threaded performance

I'm no coder, but it make sense that my GPU can do texture conversions faster than my CPU. As for the dll hangup, I have no idea, but I'm glad it works. I hope this helps anyone else who has run into this issue. Biggrin

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I think the "not supported instruction" error was solved on the latest git revisions.

Can anyone confirm this ?
I believe it was yes
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