What would be a good gfx card
So that I could play Xenosaga or Persona 4 without lag? I've got a...

Phenom X3 710 @ 2.6ghz
8gb DDR3
MSI 770-C45

and a DX10 7600GT D:

They lag to hell obviously because of the bottlenecking gfx card. I'm also on windows 7 RC 7100 with an SSD.

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The 9800 GTX+ is a great GPU and very affordable. I think the Radeon 48xx series are also pretty affordable now.
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I was looking that up and I found this odd card.


I've never heard of a 1536mb gfx card before.
that much memory is overkill for this card.
Look for ATI 4850, price dropped recently. You can get it for 80-90€, cant beat that price/value.

9800gtx is nice too, its called GTS 250 now. Power is comparable to 4850, but its a bit more expensive.

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