Whats the difence between internal and screen rez
I kind of confused. I have been using pcsx2 for a while and i still dont understand. Some people set their internal res very high i can see it makes the resolution much better. So then whats the point of the screen resolution i just dont get it. Also i heard that internal resolution is gpu dependant is this true?
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When playing in window mode you can make the window bigger and smaller with resolution.
Internal resolution is the executing resolution of the game.
So you can play with a window on 1024x768, but internal @ 640x480 to have a big window and you get more fps.
Or you want to play in a small window, cuz you watch a movie the same time, but you cant stand the low res, so u set the resolution down and the internal resolution up and got a nice picture in a smaller window.
Shouldnt be much fps, but you can get a few by doing that. (Yeah. The resolution is GPU dependant^^)

OK. Tested it now.

Resolution @ 1024x768.

Internal @ 1024x1024 @ 98 FPS
Internal @ 800x768 @ 100 FPS
Internal @ 640x512 @ 102 FPS
Native @ 102 FPS

Test using Okami. 4 times the same scene.

So... Resolution doesn't really affect the FPS in my case.
And if you want to play @ lower res. u better pick native. The screen gets more blurrier the lower u do the resolution. This is getting fixed in native.
Many games running full speed. o.O
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AMD phenom 8630 triple core 2.30
4.00 gb ram
Ati radeon 512mb 4670

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