Wheel & pedals not working properly w/ Burnout 3 but "perfect" w/ GT4
My logitech G25 works pretty well with Gran Turismo 4 using Qemu for the Wheel, throttle and brake and setting all the other wheel buttons with lilypad.

My logitech profile settings that I use for this game are:
-Overall strength: 100%
-Spring: 0%
-Damper: 0%
-Center spring strength: 0% and enable centering spring disabled
-Degrees of rotation: 900
-Allow game to adjust settings: Enabled

Now the list of all the problems I have with this game:
-Pedals not working:
   - The car is always accelerating, the throttle does absolutely nothing
   - When I don't push the brake the car is braking (not really, it still speeds up but the brake lights are on), when I push the brake the lights go off and it goes faster

-When in a race all binded buttons don't work except for "start". When in menu they all work.

-Steering feels really sluggish and laggy: With the settings I use for Gran Turismo 4 the wheel sensitivity was wayyy to low, so I set the rotation to 200 degrees but it still doesn't feel right, it's not responsive at all!

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No one?
(12-16-2019, 08:37 PM)leyo96 Wrote: No one?

I have the exact same problem with my G29.
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