When is Gsdx going to be rewritten?
I assumed this would go in the developer discussion but it wouldn't let me post this there but I have a few questions to ask.

1. Is Gsdx going to be rewritten any time soon to fix glitches that were unfixable since close to the very beginning of Gsdx?

2. If so by what precautions would be taken before doing so?

3. Would the devs write down the current form of coding as a reference to what must be kept and what must be the same?

4. If glitches including inaccurate mipmapping and random texture bugs were fixed would it affect the performance?

5. If so how would it impact?

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None in the current team will do it and since we still don't have GPU access to some render stages needed for some GS features,
it would still require glitchy hacks.
It needs a really dedicated plugin coder to come up with a working, new GS plugin. The chip is simply hard to emulate.
The answer is PCSX2 need more coder for Gsdx plugin. As far as i know ,Only gabest and gregory are gsdx commiter
Im sorry i often misstype because im using cellphone...Y( '',)Y

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