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When opening PCSX2 0.9.8, computer goes weird?
Hi everybody, when I opened PSX2 after installing it, my computer seemed to change into what looked like an older version of windows. There were dots everywhere and weird graphical glitches. I was not emulating a game when this happened, I only just started PSX2. There seemed to be alot of strange graphical glitches in my computer also.

Does anybody know the problem? Thanks Smile

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You mean transparency effects a.k.a Windows Aero got disabled temporarily?
(07-10-2012, 03:42 PM)Archerko Wrote: You mean transparency effects a.k.a Windows Aero got disabled temporarily?

Sounds like he's talking about something else.

Also, my computer doesn't shift from Aero when I open PCSX2 0.9.8.
I should of posted this earlier, but here is the before and after pictures of turning on PSCX2:[email protected][email protected]
What is your GPU?

Have you tried updating it's driver?
Just the program was running? I think some hardware is dying.
Looks like his computer is running in 16 color mode. I mean 16 colors, not 16 bit color.

Since when does PCSX2 have the ability to change the screen color mode? Ohmy
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Possibly it is shifting from 32-Bit colours to 8 or 16-Bit Causing harsh and incorrect colours? Maybe.

Check the exe.(Pcsx2) file's properties for if any strange settings might have led to this.

It doesn't look like Aero has switched off since it is definately not Windows Classic being easily identified as grey boxes unlike your screenshot.

Edit: I think this is likely since the fact much of the shaded blue has turned to green amongst many other colours jumping to extremes. 32 colour has the luxury of a smoother/wider palette so if reduced the display will jump to the nearest avaliable colour making it look odd.

Pcsx2 COULD do this if settings in the properties were set to or compatibility mode for Window 95 is on perhaps.
[Image: xtqkcQD.png]
The problem probably lies in the GPU, since the Aero were unable to be rendered anymore, so Windows were forced to switch to Classic mode...
(07-10-2012, 04:21 PM)Archerko Wrote: The problem probably lies in the GPU, since the Aero were forced to turn off, hence Windows just switches to Classic mode...

He's not gone to Classic mode, it looks quite different, he still retains the Aero toolbar.

I only know this because I always use Windows Classic no matter how strong the computer Smile. I prefer it really.
[Image: xtqkcQD.png]

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