Where can I get the latest gsdx plugins?

I was looking at a video on youtube of optimal pcsx settings(I know this varies by computer but I wanted to get a general Idea and noticed the had gsdx4863, and the one that I got when i downloaded from this website just the straight program is just 4600 anyone know where I can get the latest gsdx driver or is there a link on this site that has it?

Also if anyone has suggested settings for me my pc is

i7 2600k OC'd to 3.7 ghz
EVGA GTX570 Superclocked
8 gigabytes DDR3 Ram
1 terabyte sata hard drive

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u can try this site to get new version of pcsx2 also new gsdx http://pcsx2.net/svn.php
did u buy it "superclocked" your graphics card? because im afraid you MIGHT have overpaid...well what cooling do you have and whats your temps? and as for your specs, your more than fine. my specs do fine so yours should do really fine.
(OS:Win7_64bit ULTIMATE) (M4a88TD-M asus mobo)
[Processor:AMD AthlonII x4 645 3.720ghz(OC)Quadcore]
VideoCard-[ATIradeon5750(OC) 850mhz 2GB
RAM-[DDR3-4GB Matched RAM w/ Heat Spreaders]HYperX BLU
cpu-cooler- H60 closed loop water cooling.
Exact card is

I bought it superclocked Wasn't 350 actually I only payed about 250 for it I believe discounted from Ibuypower.com

the cooling on the CPU is a standard liquid cooling 120 MM Fan


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