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Where can i find a working Ratchet & Clank ISO?
Hello Everyone

So I've recently downloaded PCSX2 and got my emulator configured and whatnot, and a game I've really wanted to play for a long time is Ratchet & Clank, [Insert Tangent Here].
I've gone to many different websites to find an ISO for Ratchet & Clank, and I'm unable to find any that work. I was met with an error message that said 
"File Not Found, Path:IsoFileSystem"

I looked it up and apparently this is because the ISO file is damaged, or something like that, and i understand that the first time around, but the 4th time i went to a completely different rom website for a working ratchet & clank 1 ISO, but they all lead me directly to that same error message, Does anyone know a website where i can download an actual working ISO file for Ratchet & Clank? Please answer, I would appreciate it.

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then use imgburn.

apart from that, you can read the forum rules before posting next time.
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