Where is Revision 5041?
It shows it here: http://pcsx2.net/svn.php but leads me to the buildbot which doesn't have the new builds just 5037 and it has been much longer than 10 minutes just wondering when it will be posted.

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Never. The revisions you don't get builds for are in an SVN branch and are not provided by the build bot.
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r5037 is currently the latest revision of the "normal" pcsx2. Later revisions (currently upto 5041) belong to an experimental project which is still not integrated into the "main" pcsx2, so it's not automatically built and cannot be downloaded yet. And even after it's part of the main pcsx2, it's currently Linux only.
May I suggest to add a note on the svn page.
Agreed. People already treat svn as a release page.
Ok thanks I guess I should have known that but since some of the previous releases were listed there I didn't know.
(01-04-2012, 12:48 PM)rama Wrote: Agreed. People already treat svn as a release page.

I know i do Tongue i check to see if there are any owrth while improvements (MTVU for example Laugh) and use that build haha
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A bit offtopic, but I'm wondering why are there two identical pcsx2 executable with different name on the build?
I am just wanting baldurs gate to work. My ps2 doesn't seem to want to read it among other discs with the slightest scratches on them. I could even get a brand new disc with no scratches or anything and it says disc read error. This is the only game I ran into in my collection that doesn't work. I stopped buying new games after my ps2 stopped reading newer discs.
Hello naoan I believe that is elsewhere in the forum as I asked the same question. I think it is just how the build is built or something like that. I just delete all the ones that have the build after the files.

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