Where is the configuration file?
In v1.7.3833 (I think that this issue has been fixed on newer versions of PCSX2 Nightly) I remember that I have checked the "Use debug device" and it caused PCSX2 to crash and not only that but every time that I ran PCSX2 since then PCSX2 crashed immediately so I can no longer use v1.7.3833 to play my PlayStation 2 roms anymore.

I can use a newer version of PCSX2 like v1.7.3838 to play my PlayStation 2 roms but I want to know where is the bad configuration file that I created so I can delete it to make PCSX2 to work again in case I will break it again in the future by making another bad configuration file.

I tried to reproduce the issue on newer versions of PCSX2 that were released since then and I can no longer reproduce this issue anymore so I believe that this issue was fixed on these newer versions of PCSX2.

But I still want to know where PCSX2 saves the configuration file that I make when closing PCSX2 or something so I can delete it when PCSX2 stops working properly in general.

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