Where's the main site?
I get an error message:
DNS Error - Server cannot be found

I've been telling my friends about this wonderful emulator.
But the website is not accessible!
I think this error started since the move to a new server.
I did see the website maybe a week ago, but now I can't see any of it except for the forums (which is strange).

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Hmm so it wasn't just me...seems it has some DNS issues we will have to investigate!
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how come it works for me?
It's location dependent. Seems some hop between our PCs and the PCSX2 server has failed (hopefully) so only people who use the same route as we do will have the problem
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Are you guys still experiencing problems or is everything running fine now?
(01-21-2010, 07:45 AM)Falcon4ever Wrote: Are you guys still experiencing problems or is everything running fine now?

I'm having intermittent problems myself. it seems to go down for a few minutes every day (forums to too..)
It was down for me, earlier today, but everything's fine now.
I've repeatedly tried various download links but all that lead directly to pcsx2.net or www.pcsx2.net invariably fail.

The only download links that work at all are those leading to post attachments somewhere in forums.pcsx2.net, so there is either some subdomain issue or a definite failure of a server machine other than the one running the forum.

Best regards: dlanor
we're working on it, we moved our domain to a different isp so the dns might be messed up for a bit
The DNS is still pointing to the wrong place for the name servers, ive checked the setting on the domain since it has transferred and it looks correct, but the registry hasnt updated. I have contacted our provider to get this corrected.
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