Where to find some Codes for NTSC J Games
Just like the title says, does anyone know of any site or forum sites
where I can find some gameshark or code breaker codes for japanese games so I could convert them to PNACH files. The only pnach files I have so far for Japanese games are:

Fate Unlimited Codes
Bleach Blade Battlers 2nd
Front Mission 5 - Scars of War
and all Super Robot Taisen and SD Gundam G Generation Games

thought I could ask here by any chance because the codes are very hard to find (for me at least) and the Codetwink site only offers mostly NTSC UC codes, so if anyone can share any codes for NTSC J games or PAL games I'll gladly convert them to PNACH Files. Thanks!

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There isn't really a site dedicated to cheats exclusively for NTSC-J games.. The best you can do is look up a couple of names on google and see if any site comes up with anything relative. That's what i do at least when i want to find cheats i cannot make myself Smile

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