Which CPU ?
I'm building a PC for Ps2 emulation. I'm having trouble deciding which processor to use. I've narrowed it down to these two :



The correct choice will boil down to how much Pcsx2 uses that extra core.

What you guys think ?

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Phenom hands down. Pentium sucks. Get at least a ati 5770 with the system, and 8gb of ram.
The G860 is like an i3 without the hyperthreads. The clock speed is OK but be aware that it is completely locked from overclock, period. It is a very bland CPU, yet effective for bein just a dual-core, way better than an Athlon X2. The Phenom is pretty good also, but I would get the quad-core (not triple core) and use MTVU. Don't forget the black edition for easier overclock and also get a really good fan as they run hot.
Also I noticed that the X3 you linked shows out-of-stock, probably forever on that product. You are pretty much required to go used on ebay or go here.


Much better Phenom in my opinion.
That Pentium is a sandy bridge CPU. In single/dual core applications it wipes the floor with the phenom II. It's only when utilizing that third core that the phenom takes the lead. I'm curious how much pcsx2 uses the third core. How much improvement have you guys seen using the MTVU speedhack ?
Who says you cannot get benefit from MTVU on a dual-core CPU?
Which would you pick Livy ?
The i3 would be the better of both worlds between these 2. Sometimes you can catch a good deal on them. And MTVU works well on the hyperthreads. But between these 2 I believe the Phenom is still the better choice.
VU usage varies from games to games. In some games there is little to no VU usage at all. In such cases MTVU sucks.

Normally the EE and GS percentage are never equal. Usually the EE is higher, and MTVU helps offload some work from one CPU core to another. In games such as Call of Duty 3, where GS usage is higher, MTVU is useless even on quad-core CPU.
You aren't going to get much mileage out of either of those CPUs in any case so it really won't matter what you choose. But if your heart's set on one of those two, the i3 is better.
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