Which GSdx Controller may i use?
People, i have a trouble with the graphics controller, it shuldn't go lower 'cus my computer have enough requeriments to playing at the 100%
Here is the information.

[Image: resumenpc.jpg]

I was test a lot of controllers of GSdx and actually i only can get 60% or less in the battles of Final Fantasy X.
Alredy i was use SSE2 and 3, previous versions (0.1.13 ... 0.1.8 ... etc.)
I wonder that somebody can tell me which controller of GSxd may i use...

So Thanks for the one who can help me. Greetings.

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..... your computer sucks

a lot

1. your cpu is 2.1 ghz. way too low
2. you dont have a graphics card to speak of.
3 its a laptop thats not meant for any sort of gaming.
4. greetings is the first thing you say not the last.
Other than ticking "native" in GSdx's settings, I'm afraid there's not much to be done.
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