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Which Plugins are for best graphical fidelity?

I would like to replay FFX International edition rather than buying the HD Remaster for PS3 since I feel that'd be a waste of money when I've seen PCSX2 be able to do much better in terms of graphics. Especially since I already own FFX twice over.

My question is: Which plugins are best for improving graphical fidelity? (i.e. make the game look the prettiest/highest quality)

I have the machine to run it (3570k with Crossfire 290X's), but I just lack the knowledge of what I need, plugin/settings wise, to play the game as such.

I'm sure the default plugins would do well, but I'm not familiar enough with PCSX2 to know if there are better ones out there for systems like mine (ones where performance isn't an issue).


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