Which are the best PC requirements in order to use PCSX2?
Hi guys
i need your help, please.
Currently i'm using some emulators (but PCSX2 not yet) on my desktop PC, with these specs:
CPU: intel i5 4690K overclocked to 4.0Ghz
GPU: nVidia GTX 970 G1 Gaming (4GB RAM)

Do you think that it is enoug in order to use PCSX2 with its best performance on a fullHD monitor?

I would like to buy now a laptop, also for use emulators of all consoles, with their best effects and performance, if possible: can you suggest come CPU/RAM/GPU configurations that can guarantee this with PCSX2?
thank you!

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There are still some games that even on the best hardware are not running at "best performance"
4690k is more that enough for almost all games and that gpu is also fine.

On my pc I use 24inch monitor and almost all ganes work fine at 3x(I don't see an graphical improvement at above 3x on that screen)
On my laptop(6700HQ\GTX1060),the situation is almost the same but 3x looks even better because the screen is 17inch
ah so my pc dekstop can run almost all games wjth maximum effects!? good!

If I bu a laptom I would like to use it also connected to my tv 46" fullHD. Do I need a powerful notebook like HP Omen series or Dell Alienware/G series?
There are a lot of option, for example:

1) CPU: i5 or i7 series
2) GPU: GeForse MX 150 4GB or GTX 1050/106
3) RAM: 8 or 16 GB DDR4 (2400/2666 Mhz)

It could be useful, if I want to connect the laptop to the tv, if I buy a laptop with touch screen but usually they don't have a really good GPU (HP Envy for example has a MX150 4GB)

For example, my brother bought a Dell Inspiron 5570 with: CPU i58250U, 8GB RAM DDR4 2400Mhz, and GPU AMD Radeon 530 with 4GB RAM. Is it enough or is it better I buy a more powerful pc?
laptops dont generally perform well with pcsx2 due to thermal throttling.. their cooling systems aren't generally that good.
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XFX Radeon rx570                                       16gb ddr 4 2400 ram
32gb gskill ddr4-3200                                   1tb nvme ssd
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that specs is enough to run
you may even match with my old rig post on my siggy.
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If you have a price point in mind for a laptop we can better help you there.
thank you guys

my budget could arount 1000/1200 euro.
I checked some Dell notebook on their website, for example some G5 Series model.They aren't so expensive as the alienware, but in any case they have good specs, for example:

cpu: i7 8750 (up to 3.9 Ghz on turbo boost mode)
ram: 8GB ddr5 2400mhz or 2666Mhz
GPU: GTX 1050Ti or GTX 1060

THis Dell cost about 1200euro.

The alienware model has better specs. For example, i don't know, but Dell declares that the i7 8750 on Alienware can reach at 4.1Ghz in turbo boost...but the processor is the same as the G Series...
The alienware could have in addition a GTX 1060 OC or a GTX 1070
But is cost about 1700 euro...

@scythefwd: really? laptop doesn't perform well with PCSX2?
One of the reasons is Dell puts a better cooling system and power delivery system on the Alienware... but to be fair Alienware is also overpriced for what it offers.

Also scythefwd was probably talking about the desktop system since the sythefwd's sub rig is very similar to that.
ah ok.thanks

So, with my budget, what do you suggest?
Actually TK, I was talking about laptops.. not his desktop. His desktop is good to go. Laptops, while they meet the requirements.. generally will start to throttle after a a bit due to heat buildup that it cannot evacuate. Dedicated gaming laptops may be an exception to this.. they generally have better cooling systems.

I have a laptop that actually does about 1750 on passmark (not quite the 1800 recommended.. but should be fine for plenty of games like ffxii). I play for more than a few minutes, and bam.. throttle time.. and passmark drops to something akin to 1500. The low profile limites surface area you can use.. heatpipes are ok at moving heat, but surface area to cool air is vital for cooling. All copper heatsinks help, again, they just dont get the surface area exposed to really evacuate heat. To compensate for this, they slap in low profile fans to force air over them.. but they are blower types and generally have a restricted inlet so they're not quite as effective as they could be.

legolas - The dell (not the alienware line) should do ok for ya.. I'd look at the asus rog as well if they're not too bad over there. Those of some of the best cooling I've seen on a laptop.
amd tr 1950x                                                 amd ryzen 5 2500u
asrock x399 taichi                                         amd vega 8 
XFX Radeon rx570                                       16gb ddr 4 2400 ram
32gb gskill ddr4-3200                                   1tb nvme ssd
Debian Bullseye                                           480gb sata ssd
Custom loop water cooled                           HP envy x360
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