Which controller works with PCSX2?
This is from what i seen and tried:

Dual Action Gamepad (for PC)/ pressure sensitivity: None
ChillStream Gamepad (for PS3/PC)/ pressure sensitivity: Not sure yet

More Gamepads will be tested soon
Feel free to let me know the working ones so i can add to the list
and possibly the ones that don't work too

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Using a wireless ps3 controller, works great
Uh... if the controller works in your PC it should work on PCSX2 too unless there's some weird driver problems, even the most of generic USB controllers work fine.
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What I think works the best is actually buying a ps2 to usb converter. You get that original PS2 feeling because your using a ps2 controller and it just works really well. I couldn't be happier and I highly recommend using this Smile
I used to use a cheap USB Xbox controller until my brother bashed it like crazy while playing Tekken 5.
Now I use a PS3 controller (Cost me a pretty penny though) It actually changed my life.

Thanks PS3 controller without you I am nothing. XD
Games I finished on the PCSX2:

Final Fantasy (X, X-2, XII)
Yugioh: The Beginning of Destiny
Kingdom Hearts (I, II, II+Final Mix)
GoW (1 & 2)
.hack G.U. Series
how do you use a PS3 controller i tried but didn't work

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