Which games run fast?
I've just finished Final Fantasy X and with exception of few areas and special effects (like summoning Shiva) it ran pretty fast. Now I've tried 3 other games and I can't get them to run at adequate fps even after researching and messing with the settings.

So whoever has slower PCs what games did you guys get to play at good speeds?

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Posting your system specs would be a good first start you know that way we can advise you on what will run and what just wont run at playable speeds.
Well, I thought FFX would be a good comparison. And there must be some games that are considered lightest.

But anyway, my specs are:
-Pentium Dual CPU e2200 @2.20GHz
-4GB ram
-and a real crappy built in Intel® G41 Express Chipset graphics card

Kingdom Hearts & Kingdom Hearts II, and Final Fantasy XII
So, only Square games?
Those and most 2d games will work just fine for you.
Square are fantastic with optimisation. they get great graphics at minimal effort,
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