Which is the best processor ??
Rainbow Which is the best processor ??
which is more better among these 3 processors for Pcsx2?? Dont say any other processor plzzzzzz

Intel Core2Duo E7500 2.93 GHz 1066MHz,3MB,LGA
Phenom X4 9650 2.3GHz, 4M, AM2
Athlon II X2 - 550 BE 3.1 GHz, 7MB, AM3

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The C2D would be. It has simlar clockrates to the X2, but intel's are better optimized for the emulator.

The X4 wouldn't be worth it since PCSX2 only uses two cores, and those 2 cores would be running much slower than either of the other two.

If you planned on overclocking whichever processor you got, the X2 or C2D would probably both suffice for the emulator... and if you got the BE of an AMD processor and didn't overclock, it'd be criminal.
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(08-26-2009, 07:32 PM)Koji Wrote: The C2D would be. It has simlar clockrates to the X2, but intel's are better optimized for the emulator.

Agreed, you can also overclock it a bit if you wanted and if you dont it's still good enough.
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However, the Athlon II is also a very nice overclocker, with a good performance per MHz ratio. It is also a Black Edition, meaning extremely easy OC via raising the multiplier. The Athlon II also runs on the more modern mainboard socket AM3, whereas the E7500 runs on the old and dying socket 775. If you already have a 775 Mainboard for Intel, go for a used E7500 (I think it's not worth the money new) and if you have an AM2+ MB with AM3 support or even an AM3 mainboard, go for the Athlon II.
I'd go with the E7500....it's already good for general gaming without OC and could be spectacular once you get to OC it. Quads are nice, but pcsx2 does not take advantage of anything more than 2 cores. In this day and age, high core clock + good architecture still wins the day.
its true intels are faster on same frequency, but they are also more expensive

3.1ghz Intel E8500 is 200$
3.1ghz PII x2 550 is 120$

and both can get overclocked if lucky up to 4ghz and both play demanding games like tekken or shadow of the colossus at full speed after overclocking.
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He asked for the E7500 not E8500, the C2D E7500 and Phenom II x2 550 are about the same price.
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According to me,Intel Core2Duo E7500 2.93 GHz 1066MHz,3MB,LGAis the best processor.Because it has good speed to deal with the data.And you should have 3MB and 2.93GHz so that you can easily complete your daily speedy work.
Thanks for sharing this information.
it's don't really matter since i'll only have notebook that my processor can't upgradeable
I got mine to 4Ghz, relatively easy. It needed quite a bit more voltage than I wanted, 1.36v, but it's running stable and fast at 400fsb x10, and currently idling away at 36 degrees.

And quite why people keep on about 775 dying is beyond me, it's no more dying than the even-more antiquated AM2+ boards. Sure, if you have the cash and can afford such a system then go with I7/I5 or AM3 PIIs. But if you're skint, on a budget, or struggling (like some of us) through this recession, then theres plenty of life left in 775 boards, just don't go for no less than a P45 board. Then, later on, you can still pop a Q9650 in there, they'll be cheap if they're still around, and you'll get some more mileage out of 775.
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