Which one is better? DX11 or OpenGL?
(05-17-2016, 10:34 PM)Akio Wrote: Could you please specify the latest revision that still works? This information should be on the main website somewhere. It will be very useful for users who use AMD cards.

I think v1.5.0-dev-561-g1208dbe
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Someone ought to really add the legecy gsdx plugin. Nobody knows if i will still be in the project next week (free time project). IMHO Git build are means to build future version of PCSX2. I'm sure you understand why we can't wait 1 year than AMD decide to release a fix. Situation isn't perfect (note that bug was reported 3-4 years ago)

(Side note: my main "clients" are on linux Wink and AMD drops the proprietary driver. My guess is too much to maintain it)
I guess the workaround code was getting in the way of adding new features or improving the existing code.

(05-17-2016, 10:41 PM)lightningterror Wrote: I think v1.5.0-dev-561-g1208dbe

Thank you.

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