Which pads work with pcsx2 mac?
Xbox 360 pads? Ps3 pads? etc., etc.
I couldn't find a post on the compatability list...

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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure any controller you can get to connect with your computer to control it in some way is fair game. You can even connect wii remotes to your mac with the sensor bar and everything.

I would recommend a ps3 controller since you will be playing ps2 games. Also, update your pad plugin to onepad if you haven't already.

Just google the controller you want to use and there are tutorials and software, although I believe you don't need any software to get the ps3 controller connected.

Read through these forums, helpful info:
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ps3 controller uses bluetooth so you can connect it without downloading or setting up anything.
Just plugin it in, turn bluetooth on (from system preferences),hold the ps3 button on the controller for like 10 seconds til it starts blinking and make sure that, and then on the bluetooth logo on the top bar of your mac check to make sure it is paired. After this you will not need to sync it with your computer again, just tapping it will work... unless of course you resync that controller to your ps3 (via the same method -> plug in with cable and hold for 5-10 seconds until it starts blinking differently) and then you need to resync it.

Also, if your controller battery dies you cannot charge it and have functionality again, so make sure you're always full charged otherwise you'll have to save state out and quit.
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I've been trying with a couple different controllers (PS2 Alienware and rock candy PS3) and whenever i input the buttons and try to save the configuration it comes up in X11 that onepad failed to save it... any way i can get them to work?^^

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