Which variant of GSDx should I run on my computer?
My laptop(Dell XPS 17) has a Core i5 2410m with a GT555M graphics card. I am running PCSX2 Revision 5032, and I have 6 GB's of RAM on the computer.... I was previously able to get 10FPS on Kingdom Hearts 2 during the busy parts, and 20 FPS when nothing is happening. Other Games, like Katmari Damacy are a bit better, usually 20 FPS, but then the sound starts lagging(as the game progress's) and then the game itself lags to 10 to 15 FPS. The Current x86 features I am running are: MMX.. SSE.. SSE2.. SSE3.. SSSE3.. SSE4.1.. SSE4.2.. AVX.
Which variant of GSDx(AVX, SSE2,SSE3, etc.) should I run? Is there any way to stress test it, like a hardware-rendered cut scene from any game that could give me a basis for testing?

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One of the more demanding cutscnes are the ones in Fina Fantasy X-2 so you could give that game a shot and see how well they each preform in the opening
Thank You,I currently only own Final Fantasy X. I will see if I can borrow FFx-2 from a friend or buy a copy
Always choose the highest, in your case it's AVX(while going SSE2 being lowest, then SSSE3, SSE4 and AVX best, through the difference isn't always seen and not really soo huge), also make sure you use hardware rendering(usually best/fastest is DX10/11 hardware). If you sure you're limited by GPU good to check is "Allow 8-bit textures" in GSdx config, try it yourself, potentially enabling it can be a huge speedup at times, but can be a slowdown in other games as well, decreasing internal res to native if using upscalling with a mobile gpu is a good thing to try too, even if it's not the case of a slowdown, as it helps with potential overheating.

If you get slowdowns make note of EE/GS% at the top of the window in which you see the game, if any of it reaches 100% you are CPU limited, if it's EE reaching 100%, make sure to use some speedhacks, starting from recommended ones, or just use some higher preset. Read PCSX2 Guide if you don't understand what I'm talking about.

But to begin with laptop is a laptop not really a thing designed for heavy software like pcsx2 and windows assumes same thing, soo you should start by checking your windows power menagement settings and make sure to set it's not in any power saving mode couse by default it's usually the case. Also althrough by changing that to some higher performance mode PCSX2 should speed up nicely, you'll probably start getting overheat problems, playing pcsx2 isn't really recommended on laptop if you don't have any additional/external cooling system for it. If that was the case you'll probably get much nicer speeds, but if they'll drop constantly in random places after some time of playing for a few moments/minutes then it's a sure case of overheating, soo if you want to continue, consider buying a cooling pad or even point a usual fan on your laptop to help with it's temperature, in case it wasn't obvious - playing on something warm like your lap or something that is designed to keep the warmth like a bed is the worst thing to do with overheating laptop;P.

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