Which version of PCSX2 should I use?
My desktop at my workplace is kinda decent for PCSX2. With a Core i3 2100 and a GeForce GT 440, most games shall run at full speed to be sure. But the problem is that it uses Ubuntu. Using Linux version of PCSX2 means no SVN or MTVU. I have not tried PCSX2 on Ubuntu yet but GSDX is superior ZZogl on Windows. Is the Linux version of PCSX2 really inferior compared to Windows version?

I have an idea, that is, to run the Windows version of PCSX2 on Wine. On Wine application database, PCSX2 0.9 SVN has "gold" status. I don't know if there is any speed gain but I can use GSDX and MTVU at least. Is it a good idea?

And finally, does the DualShock 2 and 3 work with Linux? A quick Google seach shows a detailed tutorial, but I do not understand it much since it is full of console commands ("sudo" or something like that). I am new to these open source things. I can try it tomorrow but I want to know if anyone got it working? Note that I do not have root privilege.

Ubuntu and OpenOffice suck. Next week I will install Office 2010 and all of my games via Wine and see if they work. Using those software drives me crazy. I hate free and open source software -- I like using the commercial ones instead. The only exception is 7-zip, I found it better than WinRAR after several day usage. Of course, for PCSX2 it is not the case because there is no proprietary PS2 emulator Happy.

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i3-2100 is a dual core, mtvu would be a slow down
also yes, the linux build is incredibly inferior

Wine is basicly an emulator for windows, I dont know about pcsx2, but It makes most things have massively higher requirements in cpu speed
(but thats from my experience 2 years ago)
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at your "workplace"?! you should work huh?! - I can't post anything better. sorry Wink
I and my teamates usually have a free day or two when the request is done. Nothing to do other than playing some kiddy mobile games such as Asphalt 6, which mimics Burnout 3 gameplay. The manager still thinks we have not finished the work yet but we do, and no one is foolish enough to tell him of course. It is a pleasure to play PS2 games using PCSX2 in those free time.

Next week I'll try and see for myself anyway. But are PCSX2 saves (memory cards and savestates) cross-platform? In other word can I use the savestates and memory card from Linux version on Windows version?
It should be cross-platform. don't know. Tongue2

So you go there to work or play? Tongue2 I like to play on Samsung Galaxy Young : Angry Birds, Asphalt HD, Raging Thunder and Ninja Games (Android) Tongue2
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Asphalt 6: Adrenaline is available in Android Marketplace several days ago. It is the first product in the studio I work at, although it is just a port.

I have a Google account which has all Gameloft games purchased, and +500 EUR each month, for testing purpose. I don't bother to play those kiddy games however Glare.

FYI: Asphalt 6 has an unofficial Win32 version which is built by the programmers, maybe for fun. Their game engine is kinda good. I always thought they must spend a lot of work to port it to PC.
Saw that too. Getting it now. Smile But you have to pay for it Sad Otherwise its good Smile

But I would prefer to play it on a android mobile than a huge PC. I can play it when i am going to sleep. Tongue2

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I would use 1888. It's probably the fastest version of the emulator in any OS.
MTVU speedup is not "fast" enough to be faster than 1888. At last in my experience.
What 1888 fastest in any OS. No on windows pcsx2 0.9.8 and seems to be much faster. and with mtvu hack too.
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(12-05-2011, 08:06 PM)Carbono Wrote: MTVU speedup is not "fast" enough to be faster than 1888. At last in my experience.

1888 isnt as fast as everybody thinks it is. it was mostly fake speedup, placebo effect if you will.

MTVU will kick the pants off 1888 on any game which was VU intensive. try god of war on 1888 vs MTVU on a quad core, i bet 1888 doesnt have a chance.
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