Which version should i use for persona 4?
My laptop specs :

Processor : AMD A8 2.0 GHz
RAM : 4 GB DDR3l
Vga : AMD-R5 2gb
Windows 8.1

Can i use this laptop for playing persona 4?

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Maybe. Your best bet is just to try it. My guess is it will be a bit slow though.
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care to provide the full name of the processor ? if, it is AMD A8-6410 it will be likely to run slow on that game. but, it's best to give it a try. Smile
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Quote:Maybe. Your best bet is just to try it.
I second this... Why are you asking for support if you haven't tried ?
Popping your ps2 DVD in and starting pcsx2 is the quickest way to know. Come back if you then have issues
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Never kills to try.

Not 100% sure how Persona 4 runs and if it's demanding.
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