While Playing SMT III: Nocturne I ran into a flickering screen bug
I ran into a bug in the healing room where the lady of the fount is. The water in the room is flickering and the problem can be easily illustrated here:

I looked on the pcsx2 wiki and there is a fix but the instructions to do so are outdated. The instructions are as follows:

"Go to Config > Video (GS) > Plugin Settings. First change your renderer to OpenGL (Hardware), and then uncheck Allow 8-Bit Textures. Make sure Enable HW Hacks is checked, then click Advanced Settings and Hacks--change Trilinear Filtering to Trilinear (Ultra/Slow)."

There is no Advanced Settings and Hacks nor Trillinear Filtering settings as far as I know of in the Video(GS) Menu. I'm running version 1.4 of pcsx2. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.

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try latest git build.
1.4 is 4 years old, now
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Thanks a million jesalvein. Updating solves the issue!
Could you tell me which build did you update to?

This issue happens to me even when using the software renderer in the latest builds.

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