White Screen
Hello, first of all I would like to thank every one on the project, version 1.0 is a great gift for my birthday.

Now. I have Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit, I have installed PCSX2 9.8 via unofficial (I suppose) packages, and got a white screen on Null GS plugin, yet it works on the ZZ plugin. I tried donwloading the 1.0 version, but it's still the same.

I read on the web all kinds of stuff, like the null plugin is supposed to be like that, that it's meant for debugging.... but I know it cant be true.

Please help.

Also I noticed that about half of the dependencies listed on the download page are no longer available. If it is the source of the problem, how do I replace them?

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Quote:GSnull is, as the name suggests, a null graphics plugin which will not output any kind of video. It is used for debugging purposes.

Believe it...
Okay, thats weird because the 1.0 version has no other plugins. How am I supposed to get it to work then?
I had the same problem. You most likely need libglew1.7. It's not yet out for Precise Pangolin but if you go to the Ubuntu packages site you can download the libglew1.7 deb from the upcoming Quantal Quetzal packages.
there is a linux launcher script that must pick up glew 1.7 automatically

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