White background graphic issue
Hey I'm very new to pcsx2 and I know there have been multiple people who have gotten it to work. I can start up games and I have the legal and correct BIOS as far as I know. When I try to play games or even startup the playstation screen, everything in the background is white or black. Textures in the foregrounds still appear, but this makes most games unplayable. However, the introduction cutscene to Persona 4 works just fine. I have a new macbook with a Intel HD Graphics 3000 card. Links are to screenshots of my settings and some in-game screenshots.

This is my plugins and bios settings

Graphics configurations

Persona 4 intro where the foreground text is displayed over a black background, which should be characters sitting and talking.

White background obscuring the foreground.

Glitchy graphics on the pre-title screen opening graphics

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Any help would be appreciated I've tried multiple changes to the settings and I still can't resolve this issue. It's in every game I've tried up to this point and even occurs when I run the BIOS without an iso.

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