White horisontal line on 1080p?
Hi, currently im playing suikoden 5. I set my gs plugins as 1920 x1080 and there is visible white horisontal line in text. If i use native this is not the case. Anyone know what can cause this?

[Image: 2mnkxev.jpg]


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you can try to change TC Offset X & Y in HW Hacks (GSDX plugin) maybe can help....
Those lines appear when... well, it's a bit techy and not very easy to explain. It's got something to do with the internal resolution.

Try scaling the native resolution instead of setting a custom one. 2x or 3x native are less likely to produce those lines and should look similar to 1080p. If your PC can handle it, you could even go all the way to 6x native too, but I'd recommend a power of 2, like 2x or 4x.
I recall having the same problem long ago when played that game, it's related to the text frame itself not following the general upscale. There wasn't solution at the time and in the end I preferred not dabbling with attempts on skipdraw (which could create more problems than solve), and quickly enough the line didn't bother me that much anymore.
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