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Who would like to help contribute to a PS2 Hamachi guide? Please read
Well I've been through hell this last couple of weeks,
learning how to connect my pcsx2 to the internet. So far I've managed to set my emulator up to connect to hamachi, the old call of duty servers and other games on and so on. It was all rather fun getting it all set up though it took forever, but if the info is right here for you to read, it should take only a few minutes to set up. So I'm thinking about getting a guide made to teach everyone how to connect their pcsx2/ps2 consoles to the home network, and to hamachi. I'm asking for the help of people who have had experience in doing this, and for them to post their theories, methods and just general input on the idea. I'm not expecting this to really set off, but it could be a valuable source of information for forums all across the internet who's users are still wanting to play all their old classics online again.
I believe we're already at the point where players on real consoles and emulators can play all games that still have online or LAN. It just needs to be written down in a guide so people can take advantage of it.
As I said, a discussion would be nice. Ninja

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You might be able to take some work from these guides,

I currently use the TAP adapter (see but instead of bridging the adapter, I use ICS. I mainly use PCSX2 for fragment, which is a server based, so I don't know how well ICS will hold up in a LAN game.
(01-29-2015, 09:08 PM)Ge-Force Wrote: You might be able to take some work from these guides,

I currently use the TAP adapter and (see

Interesting, I'll take a look. Thanks. If you happen to find anything else of use, post here :]

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