Why Ben ten isnot in playable list?
If this topic is in wrong section,then i am sorry.
Anyway,today i brought this game>made ISO>load up with PCSX2 0.9.7 BETA. With this setting.
GSDX=hardware,native resolution on and 8 bit texture on

Other setting is on snapshot.

It seems that the game is playable,I will know when I will game over it fully.
But till now, I am playing.Gameplay (also speed) is just like PS2.

Story not ended at that.I have tried "god of war 1 & 2".Both game is playable
100% to completion with full speed as like PS2.Some little bug on graphics.
The bugs are:"body of kratos blipping a little" "on the cavern,the giant monstar tries to block kratos"

My PC spec is :C2D 2.67GHz with 2GB ram and NVIDIA 8500GT
Believe it or not,my friend is playing "god of war" on a onboard GPU with those setting.

Again thanks to pcsx2 team for creating this glorious thing in which SONY failed.

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Our game compatibility list is not fully up-to-date, so many games might be playable that are listed as not-playable.

If a game is listed as Playable, then it means that at one point it was playable with pcsx2; its also possible that a game that is listed as playable is not playable anymore (due to regressions).
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Quote:Why Ben ten isnot in playable list?

Because the beta testers don't have all games for PS2 and there's 2 missing ben 10 titles as far as I know, although "Ben 10: Protector Of Earth" is in the list and last tested on pcsx2 0.9.6 (you're using 0.9.7 which is currently being updated in the list) Tongue

You can always use these if you want to contribute or show your game's progress:
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