Why Does My Computer Freeze When I Use PCSX2?
Hi Guy,
I have a question that can I use the MV C ++ 2008 (or 2010) for 64bits ? (I'm using Win7 64bits). And I don't understand why I play PCSX2 about 10 minutes, my computer freeze and i must restart it. Sad I've been trying to install the MV C++ 2008 x86 but did not change anything. Sad

My space:
Core i7 2600k
Ram 8Gb
VGA HD 6970 2GB
Win7 64bits.

I'm from VN, sorry for my bad English.

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The computer should not freeze to the point of needing restart, if it becomes irresponsible on fullscreen try ALT+CTRL+DEL to bring out the task manager and kill the process.

Something able to actually freezing the windows 7 itself is probably caused by failing hardware or drivers. You may want to look at the Windows log to see if it tell what is happening in the background, to access it:

Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer -> Windows Logs -> System

The message to look for are the ones tagged as Error or Critical.

Else, the hanging may be specific game dependent, that information is useful to help pinpointing the problem.
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more likely some other programs are busy may effect the others including pcsx2.
check your Task manager check w/c one are Not responding
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I had a similar problem with my PC when I just bought it. The supplied graphic card driver was outdated... :\
So try to update your drivers and DirectX as well.
Tks all. I'll try. Smile


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