Why Dolphin progresses much faster than PCSX2 ?
For the start, I'm thankful to all PCSX2 developers for their hard work, and I love the emul. So please, don't take this as offence.

I've been thinking for quite a while now, why Dolphin (Gamecube/Wii emulator) progresses so fast comparing to PCSX2. As I understand, Wii games are generally more complex (graphically etc.) than PS2 games. For just 2 or 3 years the progress is VERY impressive in terms of speed/compatability/bugs, it now runs most wii games alsmost without bugs and in my experience requires less powerful hardware than PCSX2 (for 100% speed) .

Why is that? Is PS2 harder to emulate than wii or they just have much more people working on their emu? Maybe different update policy, more people are allowed to work on it?

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The Wii GPU is Similar to what is Found in PCs, thus much Easier to Emulate, and its CPU is Commonly used with Macs, and is much more Documented
It's a bit of everything Tongue2
The PS2 is harder to emulate due to it having more complicated components.
The image processing unit, the 2 vector units and the GS stand out here.
As far as I know, the GC / Wii only have one tricky component (the sound DSP).

Progress on Dolphin is faster partly due to the project being younger.

Generally I dislike it when people try to compare gaming on Dolphin and on PCSX2 though, as
the 2 consoles they emulate are so vastly different.
I think some Saturn games are more complex than Wii games lol It's already been said though, the GC/Wii are just simpler and attract more coders I guess? It can't be because more people want to play Mario Sunshine in HD I'll tell you that!
They have more devs
the wii/gc are so crap, that is more easy to emulate(biased opinion Tongue) no, rly the wii/gc is crap

Dolphin coders lately are more interested in Wii rather than GC emulation.

I never owned a GC or Wii but I actually went out recently and bought Resident Evil 1:Remake just to play on Dolphin.

I was always so furious that Capcom released a playstation series title on just GC buuut now after playing it theres no way the game could run on a PS2.
Because dolphin doesn't have any quality control and code reviews aren't even performed on that crappy project.
The Gamecube hardware was inferior to the PS2, so any GC game should've been possible on the PS2 as well.
What the GC has though is a PC like graphic unit, which must be a godsend for emulation Wink

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