Why EXE and plugins are doubled in emu builds?
There are pcsx2.exe and also pcsx2-r5451.exe which as i can see are exactly the same,just different name.
Same thing with plugins GSdx32-AVX.dll and GSdx32-AVX-r5442.dll and others too...Is there a reason for that?

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So when people but mostly noobs replace the files, they will always have a backup of the previous build, so if they mess up something they can revert, but if they know what they are doing they can just manualy remove them.
I see. I also thought for something like that but was curious to ask after all.
What about this "error" in console? What are these plugins for? They are not listed and can be removed too but why are in the release at all?

File is not a valid dynamic library.
Those require extra libraries(dll files)that are not part of the download.
cgGL.dll and cg.dll
I found the thread for this http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-ZZogl-Zer...OSMOS-fork .

Shortly, is it worth using compared to Gsdx? I am pretty happy with Gsdx(performance and graphics), any advantages of this ZZogl plugin?
I think it fixes some games but it's definitely not good enough to replace GSdx.
I think it's mainly targeted for non windows users because DX is windows only but OGL is not
Just as i expected. Delete then...

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