Why PCSX2 so laggy still? (1.4.0)
I use MSI Afterburner for checking CPU usage and GPU usage. Game lagged so much on my high system. AMD R9 M265X 2 GB GDDR5. Intel core i7 4720HQ 3.72 GHZ. But uses so low CPU usage and GPU usage really low and that's why game laggy. How this emulator uses my all devices %100 optimized ? I try Sims 2 castaway game but laggy and sound laggy too :/

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Do you use a hardware renderer?
seeing that is laptop are you pluged into power and using max performance for power scheme?

If stuff was lagging with earlier pcsx 1.4.0 is we bee jast as laggy if not more seeing it more accurate then older verison, and it only gona continue to get more accurate and there for new more power
I use overclocked Intel core i7 4720HQ (Default clock 3.6 GHZ) But i overclock 3.8 ghz. Actually my mobile cpu really looks like same with intel core i7 4770. So this is powerfull CPU. My AMD R9 M265X = AMD R7 250 or more much... Sad But i got still lag on emulator.
Please post your settings. Thank you.
like said is the laptop pluged and and is it using max performance/power for the power scheme
if it is plugged in and running max performance, is the system getting hot and throttling due to thermal overload?
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