Why WideScreen Patches Not Working With Me?
hi guys
sorry for my bad english
i have a big problem!!

in pcsx2 i want to use widescreen patches but it's not working , i try many ways but it's nothing
& I followed the known steps like choose aspect ratio 16:9
and enable widescreen patches in system tab and i'm put the pnach file in cheats_ws folder and try put pnach file in cheats_ws in documents folder and etc...

* my pcsx2 version is 1.4.0 and i tried many versions like 1.5.0 - 1.2.1 - 0.9.7 and more
* in console is shows me (patches loaded) but it's not working
i have much versions of pcsx2 in my pc but they are portable (only v1.4.0 is a setup)
and i tried 6 games and all him are stretched :|

people says is working but with me nooo , What thing I have sinned in , I do not know !!
now what the solution?? please i need to play games in hd

Is there a working version to solve the problem and 100% content to be downloaded

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Really think you can get help after admitting piracy. ?
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RAM : 16 Go
I did not understand what was going on honestly
and if i do something, it is unintentionally
I'm sorry, you can close the thread anyway : )
You need to buy the game. Downloading one is not exactly unintentional...

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