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Why You Should Use Codebreaker instead of pnach
Well im making this thread because, well as if your stuck on a level and try to cheat using pnach, the code doesn't work most of the time.

If it doesn't work with pnach, best to try it on codebreaker. And no, im not posting the link because why? Because that is piracy and warez so there's 3 options. Buy a Codebreaker, or use pnach, or don't cheat at all.

First of all run codebreaker, from the cdvdrom on pcsx2 with any plugin you may have. When it loads, you will see this:    

Scroll To select cheats and press x. You will then see this:    

Scroll down the list and select the game that you want, if the game you want is not there, that means you will have to make the game. So for that, press o to add a new game. For example, I added svr 09 to the codebreaker game list, because they didn't have it. Once you found your game, use the d-pad to select your cheats eg: for mine i selected svr 09.

Once you've done that, you will get another screen:    

Select the cheats you want, but have the enable code on as always or the cheats will not work. If you made a new game, you will have to add the codes in, and the enable code-the enable code must be first.

For example, if i wanted to add a code to my game, make a new code if you didn't then use your d-pad to go to it like i did:    

Make a new code pressing o, and you will have this screen:    

Note: this is my edit code, so then type your code in, then press start to confirm. Then you will go back to the screen as seen on the third attachment/screenshot. Add more codes if you want, then when you are done, press start again. Save it. You'll go back to the screen as on the first screenshot.

Scroll to start game and press x. Then you shall get this screen:    

It Will tell you to please insert the game, then press x to continue.

So Escape to the pcsx2 menu by pressing the esc buttton. Then go to your cdvdrom and select your iso, if your using linuz iso cdvd 0.9.0. Select ok. run pcsx2 again, don't go to file, go to run/execute.

Press x to continue, hope that it will not crash because some cheats make it crash.

And There You Go! Happy Cheating! Biggrin Remember to save though or otherwise you will have to do it again. And Some Cheats will can be saved, some however cannot be saved, like infinite health.

Hope this helps! Tongue
CPU: Core i5 Processor 3330
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what sucks about codebreaker though,,, they don't update codes anymore.
Yea True.... but the guys at still make the codes for codereaker- well only for the svr games.

Also, they renamed theirselves from codebreaker to codetwink I think.

There Was a codebreaker for the ps1 actually, then there was for the ps2. There might be a codebreaker for the ps3 in the future.

Oh Yea Don't Expect it to work if you have the wrong code, if you put the wrong code in the wrong game, it will crash.
CPU: Core i5 Processor 3330
RAM: 16 GB
OS1: Windows 10

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