Why are games so sloooow in software mode?
Software mode is obviously the best choice graphics wise, I dont think there are any graphical problems in software mode. But why does everything run from 20-30 FPS?

I have a 8800GT, 3 gigs of DDR2 ram, Q6600 2.4 gigs

I am trying every speed up and everything I only get 20-30 FPS max. Will this ever change soon?

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because your hardware isnt doing the work, it will never change, ever, thats just how technology works.

Ill put this in comparison. Pretend a calculator is "hardware mode" and pen and paper is "software mode"

on the calculator, you punch in the numbers and press equals, bingo the answer is there on the screen.
on pen and paper, you write down the numbers, then you have to do the equasion, work each bit out manually, then come up with the result.

slower isnt it? Thats the same deal with software/hardware emulation. Using hardware which isnt designed to perform a task quickly will always be slower than doing it with hardware designed for it.
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Well, latest versions of GSDX (SVNs past 0.1.14) are faster in software, with more speedups "promised". Aside from that, yeah - it's slow.

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