Why are there no PCSX2 save games to download ?
lo everyone, first of all i love PCSX2 but something really prevents me from enjoying it.

I still have my old PS2 and even one sealed just in case the old one dies on me.

Most of my games i played for dozens of hours and most of them are RPG's (NTSC).
I really like to continue playing my current owned games on PCSX2 so i can play them in high resolution but i really can't bring myself to replay 30 hours for a game to come to the same (aproximately) point i was before.

So i was thinking, isnt there anywhere a website or even here where u can download or post savegames people made with PCSX2 ?


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You can use memcard saves in gamefaqs or other similar sites converting them with mymc, there's also a thread in the forums:

Ehr yeah what vsub said Tongue2
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thnx , i was able to download a save for xenosaga 1, i was literally at the endboss and would have hated to play the game once more to get to that point ...

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