Why can't I get full speed?
Hi, I was trying to play some games with the pcsx2 in my pc, but I can't get full speed in the games.

I started to investigate to find the problem in my hardware, but I couldn't.

I tryed running Shadow of the Colossus, and I got just 30-33fps, but my processor was only using 50% of his capacity, the EE was using 85-90%, the GS was using 50%, my video card was using 70% and my memory was using 40%.

The other think that I noticed was that with hacks on, I can get almost 100fps in the same game(with turbo on), but the CPU/EE/GS/video card usage stayed in the same percentage.(but it causes several bugs)

My PC config is

Amd Phenom II X4 955 3.2Ghz Overcloked to 3.6Ghz
Ati Radeon HD 5750 700Mhz Overclocked to 870Mhz
4Gb Ram DDR2 800mhz
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

So I ask you to help me find out what is making me not get full speed.
Thanks and sorry for my English, I am brazilian

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Shadow of the Colossus is an incredibly CPU-intensive game and has a variable FPS because it does not even run at full speed on a regular PS2.

To steal an observation from Rezard, "I have not seen anyone run Shadow of the Colossus at full speed without VU Cycle Stealing with even an overclocked 2500K. The sort of CPU hardware that can run this game at full speeds does not exist yet. However, PS2 emulation will seem to get faster and faster as faster hardware comes out."
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I have everything...
Ok, but don't you know what part of my hardware is causing that? Because isn't my CPU or my Video card...so what could be?
And I tested too in God of War I and the results were the same.
As usual, it is most likely your CPU. God of War is also a very intensive series. I would recommend using just enough hacks to get full 60 FPS.
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The game requires a K2600 at 5ghz to play full speed, I guess.
Your cpu is nowhere near that Tongue2
rama Wrote:k2600
i think its 2600k Tongue2

Shadow of Colossus can be played at full speed, in the newer slim ps2's, or with an high-end ps2.
Mine ps2 runs it at full speed.
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Ok, but why is my EE usage at 90%?
Because without overclock it runs at 99% and stay at 33fps, and with the OC the EE stays at 90% and the same fps.

I noticed that when I open the emulator, my CPU speed apears to be stock (3.2Ghz) even with the OC(3.6Ghz). Maybe it's not using all the capacity of my processor?
Have you tried the speedhacks as already advised? that is the kind of game which no nowadays CPU is yet able to run fullspeed with the current emulator's version without help from those hacks.
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It is as MyDreamName said.

My 2500K @ 5.0Ghz would not give me full speed on it's own. By using any of the other Speedhacks, I could not get a full 60fps. It actually seemed kind of "stuck" at right about 50fps.

The moment I moved the VU Stealing over one notch-- BOOM! The framerate doubled. It was as if the VU had "unlocked" the FPS. Upon turning everything else off, I can tell you that the VU Stealing single-handedly allowed full speed. No other hack had that effect.

You better be using that VU Cycle Stealing!

@ lucas_nc:
Please do not start another thread for every game you "can't get full speed" with. You could have (and should have) just asked about this game is the other thread you had started. Smile
Sorry for creating another thread, I did it because nobody was answering there, so I thought that there was so many post any people didn't want to read all of that.

And I will not create more threads about speed because I alredy learned the capacity of the emulator and know how to use it now. You can see that my questions were about the emulador, not the games, I was just using them as a example. Now I know that some games will run at full speed, and other I'll need to use speedhacks.

Now I am running the Shadow of the Colossus full speed with some hacks, and almost no bugs. And in God of War the speed is full too with some hacks, but with some bugs, but pretty good to play.

Thanks for the answers.

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