Why can't I play PCSX2 in 1080p?
When I played PS2 Games in PCSX2 in 2 years ago, I played it well in 1080p, without any problem.

Gameplay screen was well stretched to 1080p - I didn't have any black screens on the border

That video is what I uploaded 2 years ago - FINAL FANTASY XII

I installed PCSX2 these days - but I cannot play the game with 1080p.


I set a GS Plugin Setting as same as what I did 2 years ago, and I started to play KH Final Remix, but it seems like this.


its resolution says '512X447', which is quite far from what I setted in GS Setting.

Also, it doesn't stretch to 1080p - not as like as what I played 2 years ago.

Why this happens?

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The resolution you see at the top is not the resolution you have set, that displays the original games resolution, your custom resolution is still taking effect, you can see that quite clearly in your screenshot. Tick "Native" in the same scene, you'll see the different right away.
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You should consider enabling widescreen in emulation settings -> GS Window...
Select Enable Widescreen Patches option on the System menu and set the aspect ratio to 16:9.

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