Why closing without asking ?
I said I had a ps2, why do you assume I haven't been cautios and ripped the bios before selling it ? It has sense, don't you think ?
I also said I used to play FFX, I have the disc, but it's too damaged to use it.
Besides I wasn't asking for help, just introducing myself, I managed to start the game fine, I'll keep testing it when I have time.
Either way, I think forums normally make admins get used to people lying or being unpolite.
Sorry, just tried to get into a community to help, as I said in the other post.
See ya.

EDIT: I understand the legals stuff about emulation... And I understand you don't want these discussions in the forums, but assuming piracy, warning and banning people for this... ? Even if it is true, we are in Opengl era, why not sharing a videogame ?
I'll probably get banned for this, but oh well...... It was in my fondest wish to help, sorry.

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right, but saying you're downloading the game, reguardless of owning it is still piracy. (unless you wish to provide pictures of whatnot proving you HAVE the game) It is Technally possible to have a bios without owning a PS2, as I no longer have one, but my BIOS I backed up ages ago and I still use it. (that's a legal bios, dumped it myself, but the PS2 is long gone, it died)
Well I think I don't have to show anything to a person who is saying I'm doing piracy =S
I feel bad, because I'd like to thank you for developing this emulator, but if it is like this...
just re-read your last post in th other thread.

Yep, you may have your own bios, from your old PS2, but you have to use your own copy of FFX.

Let's say your own disc isn't damaged, but you download an iso because you don't know how to dump it from your DVD.
That's still piracy, because you have rights only on the one you legally own. Of course, the law may be different from a country to another, but we just can't play with it here. It would be too hard to manage.

That's why the first rule is so simple : zero tolerance about any direct or undirect warez talk.

I'll close this to ensure we don't go beyond the limit set by this rule
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Just to expand further on the BIOS issue. By selling on your PS2, you are selling on the rights to own any of the software contained within it, which is why it is illegal to have the BIOS from that PS2, regardless of if you owned it once upon a time or not. If you still owed the PS2 but it was damaged (like Saiki said) it would be legal as you have paid for and still own the rights to its software.
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