Why do the European versions of some games work while their NTSC versions dont?
I have noticed with 2 games (Spongebob the movie and lights camera pants) that have working PAL versions, but the NTSC versions dont. Whys this?

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Possibly there are patches/CRC hacks for the PAL versions that haven't been ported to NTSC yet. Also possibly the games differ in some way.
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Ahh you again.

As you might have noticed these are hack's making those to games working.
The hacks were done by a user (prafull).
This user only has the pal version (probably he is from europe).
No possibility to create a ntsc patch.

But these patches either work by themselves for both version or can be easily ported.
No, prafull is from India. He has to have the NTSC version of the game to remove that loading part and make it playable.
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