Why does Motionjoy continually give me grief?
No matter what selection I choose, be it PS2 options or the PS3 option, the controller layout is never what it should be. With things like triggers being mapped to the right analog stick. I can deal with these issues somewhat by going into the options and mapping correctly after trial and error to see what buttons do what in game. But I cannot do this with games where I cannot find where the button is mapped.

The case right now is Re: Chain of Memories, I cannot map the right analog stick to the camera options it should be, nor the R2 button to lock on (lock on seems to be right and also up on the right analog stick).

Why do the PS2 options that state they are for PCSX2 not map correctly? I cannot continually change the PS3 configuration. Any help would be appreciated. And I will get pictures when necessary.

Haha, oh wow DERP. I did not know you could remap in lilypad, that is all I needed to do. Lock and delete thread, plus ban me for my stupidity

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