Why does PCSX2 not connect directly with my PS2 memcard?
I really like PCSX2, it is fantastic, i don't have to take my PS2 on trips, just my PC.

So far, i can run my PS2 game discs directly from my PC DVD drive, or i can run .ISOs i make with ImgBurn from my PS2 game discs saved on my PC hard drive.

But why have the coders for PCSX2 not made a simple menu function or utility to allow me to copy my save games or my PCSX2 .PS2 virtual memcards directly back to my PS2 memcards?

Is this just too difficult to program or are there negative politics/copyrights involved?

Ideally, i'd like to plug my memcards into my PC and use them with PCSX2. (i have the Sony USB PS2/PS1 to PS3 adapter for my PC and PS2 memcards).

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Umm there are tools for such stuff:], PS2 Save Builder and mymc, psv exporter as well(kind of listed those I have a need for;P, there are more surely) and some for the ps2 side, maybe they aren't fully newbie friendly, but emulators aren't newbie friendly either, soo well, no need for it? Besides there are multiply guides on the forums about saves, use forum search function or google it.:]
when you get the files just use the Guide in my Sig .... ( to import or export saves )
Yeah, sigh, i have all those little nice old'skool tools, but this is PCSX2 for Heaven's sake, not last decade's bit'n'bobs....!

One Tool to Copy them, One Tool to Save them, One Tool to gather them all and on the MemCard place them! - I say. PCSX2 should do this little bit - I say.

Any idea if there's plans, can plans be made? Feature Request...thumbsup!
Is this really that much time wasting...I do this
1.Copy the saves with ule to my USB or directly to my pc
2.Import the .psu saves with mymc to the .ps2 card

One tool to copy them from the PS2 to PC\USB and one tool to import\export them from\to pcsx2 memory card
One Tool to Copy them, One Tool to Save them, One Tool to gather them all
Feels like yet another Tolkien fan;P...
Yes, it is time wasting, the Tolkien ref was just for fun, thought some of you'd get it. Wink

1) Copy saves to and from MC with PCSX2 via PS3MCA. What's so hard about that?? Is it politics or programming?
You can code one if you realllly need the tool to be integrated to pcsx2. No coder was ever interested this regard and I sure am only ever heard one user who want one; you.
Smart way to talk to me... Do you speak for more than yourself when you say "no coder"? Are you also a coder, if so what parts of PCSX2 are you working on now, and why do/would you feel not to code to make the PS3 MCA work on PCSX2?
I don't know anyone on the team who own a memory card adapter or who ever mentioned they wanted one.
It could be added if memory card were plugins and if someone wrote an interface.
Both aren't trivial to do and you're the first to request it.. Dunno, as long as there's alternatives I don't see it happening.

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