Why does PCSX2 slow down A lot at native resolution sometimes?
So I have been recording A Kingdom Hearts Final Mix playthrough with the 60FPS patch, for better quality, I have been recording the game at the PS2's native resolution, the average FPS range seems to be around 35-50FPS, but in some parts, the game strangely slowed down to 5FPS, and this can't be A recording issue, I loaded A savestate I had when the final boss's death animation was playing, at some early point in the ending, it did the same thing, 5FPS or probably around the 5-8FPS range. To be fully sure, I started A new game and went to the cutscenes that had this huge FPS drop early on, I run the game at native resolution and I get 6FPS, when I run the game at my usual 300X300 resolution, I . . I get A 44-45FPS gain? Yeah, just dropping the resolution slightly launched my FPS up to about 50FPS. And I played through the whole tutorial at full speed at native resolution, polygonal graphics were being rendered at 60FPS and 2D sprites and special effects were being rendered at 30FPS, which for me is full speed in A KH game. During this huge FPS drop, EE usage wasn't very high, but I think the GS usage was at 100%, which is odd to me since there was typically only one character on screen and not very much enviromental polygons on screen. Can someone explain what's going on when I play at native resolution?

Also, I know KH games are the only ones I talk about, but they're currently the only PS2 games I like and have for PCSX2.

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What are your machines specs and such?
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That processor isn't great for demanding games but my guess is that your IGP is causing the slowdowns. What games are you playing?
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I Am playing Kingdom Hearts Final Mix at native PS2 resolution w/ the 60FPS patch. On the same cutscene with the 5FPS slowdown, toning down the resolution makes it go right back up to 50FPS, this is abnormal to me, Native resolution shouldn't be much more intensive than 300X300 resolution.
Here is the video where I started getting said slowdown. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BD9Et2taUw (Skip to 9:26.) It's actually so bad that character voices begin to lag, which starts to happen at around 15-10FPS.
His relevant specs:

- CPU - A8-6500 APU @ 3.5GHz/4.1GHz Turbo (w/ integrated Radeon HD graphics)
- GPU - A8-6500 APU integrated Radeon HD graphics
- RAM - 8GB DDR3-1600

The problem, I'm guessing, is that the integrated graphics isn't up to rendering this game even at low resolutions. It works perfectly fine for general media consumption (Youtube, Netflix, HD videos) and some very light gaming, but for CPU- and GPU-intensive emulators like PCSX2, the numbers you see are to be expected.

Have you tried running the game in software mode (ie having the CPU side of your chip do the graphics calculations rather than the GPU)? Increase the additional rendering threads in Gsdx to 3 (since you have a quad-core processor) and turn on the MTVU speedhack, and you might get some speed boosts. (For reference, I have a similar chip to yours - the AMD Athlon X4 750K, though mine is overclocked to 4.6GHz - and I just played a quick session of KHII in software mode. I got up to 240 FPS, an average of around 90 FPS, and a minimum of 30 FPS. Did the same in KHI and played the entire tutorial section at 120-240 FPS. The game dropped to 60 FPS for brief spats afterwards, but otherwise remained fairly high throughout. This is all with the frame limiter off, obviously.)


Beat me to the punch, it seems. Anyway, regarding the resolution, the native resolution is about... 2.5x the 300x300 you're playing at, hence the upsurge in speed at that lower resolution. (512x447 = 228864, 300x300 = 90000, 228864/90000 = 2.543)
that 100 GS% means your cpu is struggling
But it's not surprising since you applied the 60 fps patch. it requires a mlonster PC to make it run @ full speed. And yours isn't up to the par, sadly.
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thought 100% ee =cpu struggling and GS100%= gpu or is that dependent
(05-09-2014, 08:18 PM)jesalvein Wrote: that 100 GS% means your cpu is struggling
But it's not surprising since you applied the 60 fps patch. it requires a mlonster PC to make it run @ full speed. And yours isn't up to the par, sadly.

I'm not the OP, and know next to nothing about PCSX2, so feel free to ignore this off-topic question, but I thought the GS% was a measure of the "PS2's" GPU use? And that, in turn, was being handled by the GPU (in this case, the integrated graphics component on the CPU)?
Is that statement true in general, or just when recording? During normal gameplay, I usually get around 50-60FPS if I play at 300X300 resolution, I still get an average FPS range of around 40-60FPS at native resolution, without the patch, it's always at 60FPS (Which is A lie since the game is actually running at 30FPS).

Am I just better off using the 60FPS hack and recording on real hardware? Or does the PS2 not have enough power to run Kingdom Hearts at 60FPS? It's less resource-intensive than KHII, so I would assume it can run at 60FPS on real hardware. Can it?

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