Why does pcsx2 have so much issues with shadows?
I am wondering, why does it seem pcsx2 has massive issues with any shadows in any game? like front mission 4/5 they are giant black blobs, or shadowed over and over when something moves, or like in dot hack GU vol 1/2 where the shadows are like weird black pixels that extend from the char to the floor.

Its a recurring thing I noticed, every game I have played the shadows either don't work, or they work horribly, like in the front mission 4/5 examples. Is there any fixes? or any work being done to fix the shadows?

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No one can help if you don't list your PC's hardware specs (video card, processor, etc).
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Those were general questions about glitches;P, no need for specs.

Anyway for such strange shadow bugs often native res helps as that's one thing that's often caused by upscalling when shadow get's displaced and turns into one big square or something. For games which this doesn't help, software rendering is also an option. Probably best place to seek more in deepth of an answer is GSdx official thread, hell it's probably answered already in detail;P, use google with - site:http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-GSdx "keywords here" - to search easily through this huge thread.

Oh and for FM5 I think skipdraw set as 2 or around fixed most of the glitches, I'm not really sure exactly which ones;P. In case you wonder, skipdraw and other GSdx hacks can be accessed in GSdx config after you add "allowHacks=1" to your GSdx.ini or simply change 0 to 1 if it was already there. Good luck:3.
It's a GSdx issue, it's true that in most games shadows are emulated badly or not at all. Only a rewrite would fix that as far as I know and no one except gabest could do that (but I don't think he's up to that Tongue )
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