Why does the Cheat doesnt work?
Hey guys,
I have tried it now like 2days but i cant get the cheats working I have kingdom hearts 2 (germany) and thats my pnach file C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSX2 1.0.0\Cheats\C398F477.pnach.
gametitle=Kingdom Hearts II (PAL-G) [SLES-54233]
comment=Kingdom Hearts 2 Cheats
// Master Code
// test3
// test2
// test

It does nothing! i tried everything.I used the omniconvert to make the codes.The Cheat codes are for the german version i think so they should work.Surely i have cheats activated
I hope someone will help me with this problem

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.pnach   C398F477.pnach (Size: 315 bytes / Downloads: 614)

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What is the source of your codes? Also, did you remember System>>Enable Cheats ? Plus if you are making pnach file you generally don't need master code. Other thing that Windows is a pain about doing is hiding the extension, in other words, creating filename.pnach.txt instead of just filename.pnach .
So the Source is http://www.spieletipps.de/ps2/kingdom-he...s/23489/1/ because its German so i took the cheat codes from a german cheating website.For me its a pnach File its not a txt file.
I made a new one:
gametitle=Kingdom Hearts II (PAL-G) [SLES-54233]
comment=Kingdom Hearts 2 Cheats
// Drive Recovery

Only 1cheat that should recover the Drive bar fast but it isnt working but in pcsx2 it shows me Cheats loaded:1

Definitely not codebreaker format.

It says cheat loaded 1! as syntax of the pnach is correct but somewhere either the code is wrong or somehow not decrypted right. Codes need to be decrypted into raw format. It's been awhile but this looks like gameshark format or action replay.

Try this patch=1,EE,003412CC,extended,00000063

Maybe a small typo. I found MaxCovert program to convert the AR code into RAW.
Doesnt work.Idk what you mean with codebreaker format hmmm.Can you explain it please how i can find german codebreaker codes and how i decrypt it into raw format
(01-04-2013, 12:41 AM)Eagleshox Wrote: Doesnt work.Idk what you mean with codebreaker format hmmm.Can you explain it please how i can find german codebreaker codes and how i decrypt it into raw format

The first argument (least the first digit that is kind of a descriptor of the code's type) is a memory address, the second is a value to be put at that address.

All that pnach engine does is to put the given value into the given address, if it is not working than the address is wrong. Maybe the game's version is different (even the region may be different. Despite being a German site you need to make sure to be getting the correct game's version, type (PAL/NTSC) and region.

The codes themselves are in correct format and seem to be raw already, so the above is likely to be your answer.

PS: about the specific cheat devices format, well, there are many and each one uses a proper format and encryption and need the correct converter, but looks like is not your case since the code seen correctly converted already... but I can't be sure.

On your first example there is a "master code" that is specific for the cheat device and must not be used with pnach. On the other hand that means not all codes do work with pnach but all those starting with 0, 1, 2 do work and almost always do work those staring with C or E, although these last code types may need a second (or more) complementary lines.

PPS: A final word of advice, beware that if you ssave a game while using wrong addressed cheats you are corrupting the game's memory in a way that may not affect it immediately but can trigger the issue when you expect less and may break the save irremediably. Never make a sstate while not sure the cheat worked, removing the cheat line is not enough if it is already in memory. Sometimes a normal save (that save on memcard) may clean the corruption because it saves only some information instead the whole memory and then the game loads from the disk image + the memcard information and then eliminates possible corruptions.
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I go to Codetwink website to get Codebreaker codes. Here is a link.


(I am not sure if this is NTSC only or multiple versions.)

I also go online with a search engine and see this cheats database for PAL games.


I do not have any PAL games so I will use Codetwink as an example. I pick a random code. In Misc codes...Max Munny. Codebreaker code is 2A6B1103 000F423F . I use the either of the attached programs. CB2Crypt can decrypt codebreaker codes, the Maxcovert can decrypt multiple kinds of codes. So when I decrypt the above code, both programs give the same result, 2033FE60 000F423F . So the result is patch=1,EE,2033FE60,extended,000F423F .

Ultimately if your original code doesn't work if could just be a dud for a code, or maybe a subtle version change in the game.

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.exe   CB2crypt.exe (Size: 50 KB / Downloads: 349)
.exe   maxconvert.exe (Size: 56 KB / Downloads: 429)
Those are definitely decrypted codes, and they have also been decrypted correctly.

The problem here is that most codes for KH2 you can find on the net are rubbish. And you're even more out of luck if looking for non-US codes. This code here:

// test2

Is supposed to give you 9 drive gauges and make them full. The problem is that it writes to the, let's say "menu" address where the game looks to sum up statistics, or something. I'm not sure myself. The point is, the current in-game drive bar is somewhere at a dynamically calculated address in memory that changes depending on where you are.

I'm not sure how to easily refill your drive gauge (use the driver / high driver items?) but here's a code to give you 9 form gauges.


Every time you switch screens (meaning, every time you go into a different area), your form should refill to full, as long as you are still in Drive form. This will make the game trivial (as if it wasn't easy enough), so i guess it's all you really need. If you ever drop out of Drive, beat on enemies until you have enough to change again.

Here's the German Munny (Taler) code, so you can buy all the Driver items you need:

// 50,000 Taler
Those codes need to start with "2" instead of "0".

PS2 Memory and Hardware Mapped Registers Layout

Logical Address Range    Physical Address Range    Description            Size
---------------------    ----------------------    -----------            -----
0x80000000-0x800FFFFF    0x00000000-0x000FFFFF    EE Kernel              1 MB
0x00100000-0x01FFFFFF    0x00100000-0x01FFFFFF    EE RAM (Cached)             31 MB
0x20100000-0x21FFFFFF    0x00100000-0x01FFFFFF    EE RAM (Uncached)         31 MB
0x30100000-0x31FFFFFF    0x00100000-0x01FFFFFF    EE RAM (Uncached&accelerated)     31 MB

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