Why does the SVN compile guide say to use SSE2? Can we compile for SSE4?
I've checked out a copy of the SVN and I noticed that the compile guide said to use the "Release - SSE2" configuration. However, I noticed that "Release - SS3E" and "Release - SSE4" configurations exist.

Should we stick to "Release - SSE2" or can we use "Release - SSE4" to enable performance optimizations?

EDIT: Nevermind. I see that GSdx is only project that supports the different build configurations (which makes sense).

Sorry for the post.

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No problem. I can see how that confuses people.
But yeah, you're right. The only difference is in how GSdx builds.
Pcsx2 will be the same release build with each of them.
yeah pcsx2 detects at runtime if your cpu supports SSE4, whereas GSdx compiles differently using SSE2/SSSE3/SSE4 builds.
so as rama said, pcsx2 would compile exactly the same way no matter if you choose SSE2 or SSE4.
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Thanks. I didn't look at the build targets close enough I guess.

I'm actually a .NET developer (VB.NET; not by choice) but have only recently started using the language (and IDE) as I'm coming from a Delphi (version 6!) background.

It's tough when you come from companies that force you to use obsolete (or just plain *****) languages. Smile

Anyways, thanks for the help and I greatly appreciate all of your efforts for PCSX2!

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