Why does the emulator lag?
I don't understand why the emulator should lag on my computer. Maybe I had done something wrong while configuring it.

My computer specs are as follows:
HP Pavilion
Intel [R]
Pentium [R] D CPU 3.20GHZ
3.00 GB of RAM
288 GB of ROM 50% used
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS

I hope someone can help me.
Thank you

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By lag I mean it runs extremely slow, at the best of times it will be 30 FPS, but usually its 15-20 FPS.
don't expect good speed
both cpu and GPU is weak for running pcsx2
on such 3d games it's indeed may run very slow
2d games is near-fair like Harvest moonWackoTH,MVC2 and any ATLUS games
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Oh alright, I thought maybe I had made a mistake while configuring it. What kind of specs would be good to run a game at about 40 FPS?
Just from those specs I can tell you to tick the "native" checkbox in GSdx's settings.

The recommended specs for pcsx2 are a core 2 duo 3.2Ghz cpu with a 8600gt graphics card (9600gt/9800gt if you want to run higher than native resolution) or their AMD similar parts.
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It's slow because your system is below the requirements both cpu and gpu wise to use PCSX2 decently
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Quote:What kind of specs would be good to run a game at about 40 FPS

some games won't reach 40 fps even when using a c2d 3.ghz

It's really game-dependant
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..And you'll want 50fps for PAL games, or 60fps for NTSC games. Everything else isn't really enjoyable much.
So yeah, depending on the game you need a core2duo 2.4Ghz (easy to run game) up to core2duo 4.5Ghz (the tough ones Tongue2 ).

Edit: And yeah, I know you cannot even buy the 4.5Ghz one (only heavy overclocking gets you there). It's the way it is, sorry Tongue2

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