Why is PCSX 2 running in slow motion?
This question was probably asked about a thousand times before, but everyone who asked this has a slow computer. Ive got an Alienware M17X
Intel core i7 2.30GHZ 2.30GHZ (duel)
16gb RAM
64-bit operating system
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 675M Graphics card 2gb
And yet this program still lags and plays in slow motion. Ive tryed fiddling around with the config settings and plugins, but nothing...
Please help.
If Nothing can be done ill just buy the games and console.

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This is an emulator and as far as I know it does not lag even if ran on an ancient Pentium MMX on a Win95...

Well, playing PS2 games with it is another story... the same like PC games each one has it's own demand on the machine, actually more yet than PC games do.

So is hard to help if we don't know what you are trying to play and... let me tell you a secret... that GPU is wonderful yes, the CPU is good also but it will need help in a game or two, the videocard will not help the emulation at all although will allow you to play at better internal resolution and other nice pluses that are not part of the emulation itself.

Seriously, some few games may pose a challenge even to CPUs overclocked above 4GHz.

PS: Ahh, and some other few games just don't play smooth yet or don't play at all, independent on the machine power.
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Quote:If Nothing can be done ill just buy the games and console.
start by buying both and then, we'll see if anything can be done.
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